Transneft Druzhba completes routine repairs at petroleum product trunk pipelines

Date of publication: 03 April 2018

Transneft Druzhba has completed routine repairs at the Ufa – West petroleum product trunk pipelines (PPTPs) and Section #42. The repairs took place on 27–30 March 2018 in the Samara, Tambov and Orel regions and lasted 72 hours.

Two newly built pipeline sections having the total length of 7.97 km were connected to the Ufa – West PPTP. All defective sections were cut out of the linear portion.

Specialists performed midlife repairs of two gate valves at Priboy line operation dispatcher station (LODS). One stop valve and substandard T-bends were replaced and a stationary mechanical displacement prover (MDP) was installed at the system for measuring oil quantity and quality (OQQMS).

Process pipelines not engaged in the technological process were shut down at Stanovaya-1 LODS, defective sections were cut out at the station’s collector of main pump units.

Midlife repair of five gate valves was performed at Nikolskoe-1 LODS where three dead ends were dismantled.

Midlife repairs of two stop valves were conducted in the course of a scheduled shutdown of the PPTP’s Section #42; gate valves were replaced at the zero kilometer of the linear portion and at the 0–89 km section.

A 5,000 m3 tank was disconnected at Stalnoy Kon LODS in view of its subsequent elimination. 

The works were performed by employees of the Kuibyshev, Michurinsk and Bryansk regional directorates to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation of trunk pipelines. Petroleum product transportation was restarted in accordance with the schedule and proceeds as per normal.