Transneft Druzhba Completes Construction of Tank at LODS in Orel Region

Date of publication: 18 September 2020

A new petroleum products storage tank with a volume of 10 thousand m3 was commissioned at the Stalnoy Kon line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Penza Regional Directorate of Transneft Druzhba.

Construction of the vertical steel tank (VST) as part of the technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme began in September 2019 and was completed ahead of time.

For construction of the VST with a height of about 12 m and wall length of 107 m more than 255 tonnes of metal were used. More than 32 tonnes of metal structures were used for construction of an overhead cable tray. 28.7 km of cables and wiring, more than 1 km of process pipelines were laid.

Stop valves and load compensation system for tank were installed; a premise of electric drive gate valves was equipped. Fire extinguishing as well as production waste and storm water sewage systems were mounted.

The new tank was built to replace two VSTs of smaller capacity. A reduction in the number of tanks for petroleum products storage will reduce the number of stop valve units and thus increase the reliability of LODS.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service