Regional Directorate of Transneft Druzhba Conducts Emergency Response Drills in Oil Spill Response

Date of publication: 21 August 2020

The Kuybyshev, the Penza, the Michurinsk and the Bryansk Regional Directorates (RD) of Transneft Druzhba have conducted emergency response drills (ERD) for emergency oil and petroleum products release on the water surface.

The drills were held at the Kuybyshev – Unecha – Mozyr-1 oil trunk pipeline (OTP) underwater crossings via the Bolshaya Vyazovka River in Samara Region, the Kuybyshev – Unecha-2 OTP via the Sura River in Penza Region, the Kuybyshev – Bryansk petroleum products trunk pipeline (PPTP) via the Tsnu River in Tambov Region and the Section No. 41 PPTP via the Iput River in Bryansk Region.

The personnel of the Priboy line operation dispatcher station (LODS), the Penza-2 LODS, the Nikolskoe-1 LODS, 8-N LODS, the emergency line maintenance divisions (ELMD) and the central maintenance divisions (CMD) of the RD took part in the ERD. The goal was to check readiness for possible emergencies and practice interaction between business units.

During the ERD, the skills of patrol crews in detecting the location of the “loss of containment” of the pipeline and preventing the development of an emergency were tested. The personnel of the ELMD and the CMD practiced actions on installment of booms, containing a simulated spill and oil and petroleum products collection from the water surface.

A total of 111 people took part in the drills. 49 cars and special-purpose vehicles were involved. 2750 m of booms were used.

All stages of actions in an emergency were completed within the established limits.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service