Transneft Druzhba Organises Archaeological Conservation Works Before Petroleum Products Pipeline Section Revamping

Date of publication: 15 June 2020

Transneft Druzhba has organised archaeological research of Popovka-1 Settlement in Pochepsky District of Bryansk Region. Part of the territory of the historic site is located near the area of future revamping of the Section No. 42 petroleum products trunk pipeline (PPTP) underwater crossing via the Rozhok River.

The purpose of the work is to detect archeology objects and ensure their safety.  

The total research area was about 1,700 m3, the cultural layer thickness is 0.35 m. The scientific observations and excavations were carried out by historians from Saratov on the basis of the permit for archaeological excavations and surveys, issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Popovka-1 Settlement refers to the Early Iron Age (VII-II millennium BC). During the field work, the archaeologists found objects of two chronological periods. Pieces of silicon with traces of splitting them left by archaic humans presumably belong to the Neolithic. A collection of fragments of red clay ceramic, as well as instruments of iron and non-ferrous metals, belong to the XVIII – XIX centuries AD.

All findings will be transferred for permanent storage to the Bryansk State Local Lore Museum. Thus, the conservation work was completed to the full extent. Also, in strict compliance with the relevant federal law, before the PPTP revamping, warning information signs will be installed and special briefings for employees will be conducted. Any construction and excavation work, movement of equipment and storage of materials on the territory of the archaeological monuments will be prohibited.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service