Transneft Druzhba Produces First Block-Modular Boiler House

Date of publication: 04 March 2020

The Production and Operations Department (POD) of Transneft Druzhba has produced the first energy efficient block-modular boiler house (BBH). The efficiency of boilers with economisers is over 94%.

The BBH design incorporates advanced technical solutions. An efficient heat balance prevents cold water from entering the boilers and allows their operation at low loads without condensation. Automation systems that regulate the boiler house work depending on the load, have high reliability and significantly save fuel consumption.

The 4MW BBH, which operates on liquid fuel, will serve the Syzran line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Kuybyshev Regional Directorate (RD) of Transneft Druzhba.

Two more 4 and 5 MW boiler houses are in the process of production. They are intended for the needs of the Priboy LODS of the Kuybyshev RD and the premises of the Company`s executive office in Bryansk. In total, 7 BBHs are planned to be produced this year. Also, in 2020 Transneft Druzhba will start production of block thermal imaging stations, which allow to regulate the supply of heat-transfer material.

Besides, Transneft Druzhba plans to establish production of block-modular boiler houses with capacity up to 9 MW for Arctic applications by 2024.

For reference:

The energy efficient block-modular boiler house is an experimental development by the PTI. It is designed for heating, ventilation and hot water supply of production, amenity and administrative premises. The distinctive feature of this boiler house is the high efficiency of oil-fueled boilers with economisers. Moreover, strength calculations ensure the possibility of operating these boiler houses in earthquake-prone regions (up to 9 points according to the intensity scale).

The work of the boiler house is automated and does not require the permanent presence of an operator. The automated system used was developed by the industrial automation centre of Transneft Upper Volga.

The block-modular design principle allows to reduce the boiler house installation time at the construction site, and the overall dimensions allow for transport by road and rail.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service