Transneft Druzhba Implements 2019 Pipeline Diagnostic Programme in Full

Date of publication: 06 February 2020

Transneft Druzhba has summed up the results of diagnostics at oil trunk pipelines (OTP), petroleum products pipelines (PPTP) and process pipelines performed under the 2019 programme. The goal was to increase the operational reliability of pipeline transportation facilities.

Last year, 64 in-line inspection tools of various designs were run to perform diagnostics at 20 sections of the oil trunk pipeline with a total length of over 2,227 km and at 44 sections of the PPTP with a length of 3,016 km.

Specialists examined 42 trunk pipelines’ underwater crossings via water barriers with a total length of 87 km. Conclusions were issued on compliance of the underwater crossing’s condition with the requirements of technical rules and regulations, as well as with safe operation periods.

Diagnostics of process pipelines with a total length of 39.5 km were also carried out.

Based on the results of the examination, a repair plan was formed. Brigades of the emergency line maintenance divisions (ELMDs) and central maintenance divisions of Transneft Druzhba cut out about 80 defects, and over 700 defects were removed by grinding and installing repair structures at the pipeline.

In 2020, Transneft Druzhba plans to conduct diagnostics of 76 sections of trunk pipelines with a total length of more than 8,014 km, as well as to examine 46 underwater crossings. 

Transneft Druzhba Press Service