Transneft Druzhba Sums Up Results of Young Professionals Science and Technology Conference

Date of publication: 27 November 2019

Transneft Druzhba has announced winners of the second stage of the 1st round of the 3rd International Youth Science and Technology Conference of Transneft and member organisations of the International Association of Oil Transporters.

The conference was attended by 48 employees under the age of 30. They presented 28 projects on topical issues of the oil pipeline industry to the contest committee. The works were selected from 59 projects according to the results of the 1st stage of the 1st round of the conference.

The winners of the sections are:

Section 1. Design and Operation, Construction and Revamping of Oil Trunk Pipelines 

- Anastasiya Fokina (executive office, second place);

Section 2. Mechanical and Power Equipment, Corrosion Protection

- Nikolay Ryazanov, Yevgeny Kozhemyako (Michurinsk Regional Directorate);  

Section 3. Automation of Plant Control Systems; Communications 

- Snezhana Kravchenko, Aleksey Popov (Michurinsk Regional Directorate);

Section 4. Industrial, Fire, Environmental Safety and Occupational Health

- Aleksander Golikov (Penza Regional Directorate);

Section 5. Supervisory Control. Commodity and Transport Operations. Metrology.

- Pavel Matsnev, Maksim Katasonov, Yelena Kurganskaya (Michurinsk Regional Directorate; first place);

Section 6. Economics, Management and Legal Issues

- Oksana Luptsova (Kuybyshev Regional Directorate);

Section 7. New Approach Analytical and Theoretical Projects for Innovative Development of the Company's Activities, Technologies, Industrial and Business Processes

- Sergey Kulikov (Kuibyshev Regional Directorate, third place).

They will take part in the 2nd round of the 3rd International Science and Technology Conference, which will be held from 3 February to 20 March 2020 at Transneft.

The final 3rd round of the conference will be hosted by Transneft Druzhba in Bryansk in May next year.  

Transneft Druzhba Press Service