Transneft Druzhba Completes Tank Overhaul at Nikolskoye LODS

Date of publication: 27 September 2019

A 20 m3 vertical steel tank has been commissioned after overhaul at the Nikolskoye line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Michurinsk Regional Directorate of Transneft Druzhba.

The works at tank No. 18 began in October 2018 and were performed on the basis of the results of full technical diagnostics as part of the Technical Upgrading, Revamping and Overhaul Programme. The goal is to increase the reliability of oil storage.

Specialists eliminated the defects at the welded joints of the roof and walls of the VST, as well as applied corrosion protection to metal structures. Stiffening rings were mounted at the tank. Connection nodes of firefighting vehicles were improved, and the paving was repaired.

In total, the 2019 plan provides for construction, revamping and overhaul of 21 reservoirs at the operating facilities of Transneft Druzhba.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service