Penza Regional Directorate of Transneft Druzhba Holds Drill near Sura River

Date of publication: 17 September 2019

The Penza Regional Directorate of Transneft Druzhba has conducted an emergency response drill (ERD) at the underwater crossing of the Kuibyshev – Unecha-2 oil trunk pipeline across the Sura river in Kuznetsky District of Penza Region.

The purpose of the drills is to check readiness and improve interaction of personnel for operation repairs, for quick repairs and for prompt response in emergency situations.  

According to the ERD’s scenario, an operator of the Kuznetsk oil pumping station recorded a pressure drop below the permissible level at the OTP’s section that crosses the Sura River. The managing dispatcher of the district control centre “suspended” oil pumping.

The Kuznetsk Emergency Line Maintenance Division’s patrol crew quickly drove to the alleged site of “loss of containment of the pipeline” and confirmed the “oil release” to the water surface, analysed the state of the gas-air mixture, and took measures to prevent fire and accidents. The simulated accident’s location was cordoned off and marked by a special tape. Together with Security Division’s representatives, a cordon was put around the site to exclude unauthorised access of people and vehicles, except for those of repair services until the consequences of the damage were completely eliminated.

Emergency response teams of the Penza-1, Penza-2 and Kuznetsk ELMDs, as well as of the Central Maintenance Division of the Penza Regional Directorate, have arrived at the main lines of containment and installed booms. The "oil slick" was contained and eliminated with the help of oil pumping equipment. Employees of an environmental analysis laboratory were continuously sampling and controlling surface water, soil and air. 

48 people were involved in the containment and elimination of the simulated spill. 20 cars and specialty vehicles were involved; 860 m of booms were used.

All the tasks set during the drill were completed within the established time limits.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service