Transneft Druzhba’s Kuibyshev Regional Directorate Holds Emergency Response Drill on Lake in Samara Region

Date of publication: 28 December 2018 Print

Kuibyshev Regional Directorate (RD) of Transneft Druzhba has conducted an emergency response drill (ERD) at the underwater crossing of the Kuibyshev – Bryansk petroleum products trunk pipeline (PPTP) across Molochnoye Lake in Volzhsky District, Samara Region.

The purpose of the ERD was to check the readiness of personnel and to practice the actions required for containment of petroleum products’ emergency release onto the water surface when ice formations are present.

According to the drill scenario, the operator of Lopatino line operation dispatcher station (LODS) registered a pressure drop below permissible level within a section of the PPTP at its crossing of Molochnoye Lake.

The managing dispatcher of the regional dispatcher directorate simulated a shutdown of petroleum products’ pumping along the damaged pipeline section. The patrol crew of Lopatino emergency line maintenance division (ELMD) promptly arrived at the anticipated place of containment loss and confirmed the fact of petroleum products’ release onto the water surface. The specialists used barrier tape to mark the emergency area and put up warning signs.

The ELMD and central maintenance division (CMD) crews arrived at the incident scene, drilled slotted holes and a channel in the ice, installed winter boom lines for containment of the “spill” and pumped the “petroleum products” off of the lake’s surface into temporary reservoirs. Representatives of an environmental analysis laboratory were taking samples of air, soil and surface water and testing them continuously.

30 employees of Kuibyshev RD took part in the drill. 8 vehicles, including specialty vehicles and equipment units, were involved, 300 metres of booms were utilised, and 30 kg of sorbent were used. The simulated petroleum products spill was successfully eliminated within the time required by the ERD programme, the oil and petroleum products leakage prevention and elimination plan as well as the emergency containment and elimination plan.

The actions performed by the personnel of Kuibyshev RD during the containment and elimination of the emergency spill of petroleum products were assessed as satisfactory. A high level of professional knowledge and skills also received praise, along with clear and efficient control of the operations. The goals of the drill were met.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service