Transneft Druzhba completes planned works on four petroleum products trunk pipelines

Date of publication: 26 June 2018 Print

Transneft Druzhba has carried out scheduled repairs on the Ufa – West and  Kuibyshev – Bryansk petroleum products trunk pipelines (PPTPs), Section 41 and Section 42.

The work continued for 72 hours non-stop in Ulyanovsk, Penza, Tambov, Oryol and Bryansk Regions.  Specialists connected three newly constructed sections of the Ufa – West PPTP with a total length of 34 km.

Six gate valves were replaced at Nikolskoye LODS of Michurinsk Regional Directorate and Stalnoi Kon and 8-N LODS of the Bryansk branch. Two gate valves were also replaced in the line portion of the Ufa – West PPTP. Midlife repairs of 7 gate valves wer carried out in the line portion of the Kuibyshev – Bryansk pipeline, Sections 41 and 42.

At Stalnoi Kon LODS, a vertical floating-roof steel tank (VFRST) with a 5,000 cubic metre-capacity was disconnected for subsequent disposal in connection with the modernisation of the station's tank farm. At the acceptance site of Michurinsk Regional Directorate's Nikolskoye-1 LODS, a sampling device for oil quality parameters measuring unit was installed. Hydraulic testing of a PIG trap piping was conducted at Section 41 of the PPTP.

Defects were cut out of the line portion of petroleum products pipelines, in the tank farm of Nikolskoye-1 LODS and at a collector of main pump units of Stalnoi Kon LODS.

The planned works were carried out within a technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul program of Transneft Druzhba for 2018, as well as to meet the Company’s repair and maintenance needs. The purpose of the measures is to increase the petroleum products trunk pipelines’ operational reliability.

Transportation of petroleum products via Transneft-Druzhba’s PPTPs has been resumed on schedule in a routine manner.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service