Transneft Druzhba determines professional skill contest winners

Date of publication: 13 April 2018 Print

The 2nd round of the Best in Profession professional skill contest has come to an end at Transneft Druzhba. The annual event was held in Samara Region at the production facilities of Kuibyshev Regional Directorate (RD), namely Lopatino and Priboy line operation dispatcher stations (LODS).

Eighty participants represented 10 major trades of the pipeline industry: line pipeliners, petroleum product pumping station (PPPS) operators, chemical analysis laboratory assistants, instrumentation and automation fitters (electricians), process units repairmen, commodity loading operators, electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitters, chemical analysis laboratory assistants (petroleum products), electric and gas welders, commodity loading operators (petroleum products). All the participants are winners of the 1st round conducted at each of the Company’s four branches in November–December 2017.

The theoretical tasks and practical sessions determined the following winners and prize-winners in the 2nd round of the professional skill contest in 2018:

- “Line pipeliner” trade:

1st place – Aleksey Guskov, Penza RD;

2nd place – Rinat Bayazitov, Kuibyshev RD;

3rd place – Kirill Kovalkov, Bryansk RD;


- “Electric and gas welder” trade:

1st place – Nikolay Zhukov, Bryansk RD;

2nd place – Denis Zhidkov, Michurinsk RD;

3rd place – Andrey Fige, Kuibyshev RD;


- “Process units repairman” trade:

1st place – Sergey Klimov, Michurinsk RD;

2nd place – Anatoly Gruzdev, Kuibyshev RD;

3rd place – Aleksandr Rogachev, Bryansk RD;


- “Chemical analysis laboratory assistant” trade:

1st place – Irina Ogneva, Michurinsk RD;

2nd place – Inna Pogulyaeva, Bryansk RD;

3rd place – Elena Kharitonova, Kuibyshev RD;


- “Chemical analysis laboratory assistant (petroleum products)” trade:

1st place – Svetlana Malyushko, Kuibyshev RD;

2nd place – Yulia Telegina, Michurinsk RD;

3rd place – Natalia Semenkova, Bryansk RD;


- “Commodity loading operator” trade:

1st place – Maksim Pureskin, Kuibyshev RD;

2nd place – Anastasiya Golynskaya, Bryansk RD;

3rd place – Ekaterina Andreeva, Michurinsk RD;


- “Commodity loading operator (petroleum products)” trade:

1st place – Aleksey Turovsky, Michurinsk RD;

2nd place – Evgeny Tushkanov, Kuibyshev RD;

3rd place – Dina Potrakhova, Bryansk RD;


- “Electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitter” trade:

1st place – Andrey Strulkov, Penza RD;

2nd place – Aleksandr Emelin, Kuibyshev RD;

3rd place – Aleksandr Mariushkin, Michurinsk RD;


- “Instrumentation and automation fitter” trade:

1st place – Aleksey Egorov, Penza RD;

2nd place – Aleksandr Matrosov, Kuibyshev RD;

3rd place – Mikhail Matushkin, Michurinsk RD;


- “PPPS operator” trade:

1st place – Konstantin Katilov, Bryansk RD;

2nd place – Vladislav Sysoev, Michurinsk RD;

3rd place – Vitaly Skorkin, Penza RD.

The best drivers and excavator operators will be determined during the May competitions.

A combined team will be formed from all winners to represent the Company in the final round of the Best in Profession contest among employees of Transneft subsidiaries. This year, the final round will also take place in Bryansk, at the premises of Transneft Druzhba on 6 to 10 August.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service