Transneft Druzhba eliminates consequences of illegal tapping into Kuibyshev — Unecha — Mozyr-1 (Druzhba-1) oil trunk pipeline

Date of publication: 04 April 2018 Print

The oil release occurred at 12:15 p.m. Moscow time on 4 April 2018 from an offshoot of an illegal tapping into the Kuibyshev — Unecha — Mozyr-1 oil trunk pipeline, close to the village of Karmanovka (Kuznetsky District of Penza Region).

Transneft Druzhba employees promptly stopped the oil release. During the inspection, they identified the cause: fuel leaking from an illegal tapping of some 25 metres long made by unidentified individuals.

Specialists of the Emergency Operation Division from Kuznetsk oil pumping station affiliated with Penza Regional Directorate of Transneft Druzhba promptly arrived at the leakage site. The Company’s security officers cordoned off the accident scene by placing warning signs.

The health and lives of people living in the area are not endangered, there are no prerequisites for declaring an emergency. There’s no threat of the leaked fuel getting into water bodies. The total volume of the spilled fuel was below 0.5 m3, the area of the contaminated soil was 16 m2.

Transneft Druzhba employees have been collecting the oil from the soil surface and disposing of it.

Unidentified third parties who intended to steal the fuel are responsible for the oil spill.

The competent authorities are now investigating the circumstances of that illegal tapping, pursuant to the laws of the Russian Federation.