Transneft Druzhba prepares production facilities for spring floods

Date of publication: 12 March 2018 Print

Transneft Druzhba is preparing production facilities for uninterrupted operations during the spring flood season.

The Company is inspecting and reinforcing pipeline sections, communication facilities, route power line pylons and cable power supply lines vulnerable to scouring in the linear portion of oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines.

Within the scope of the preparations, specialists will perform seasonal maintenance works at over 1,400 line stop valves and over 3,800 stop valves at process pipelines of oil pumping stations. The underwater and overhead crossings that might be flooded are being continuously monitored. The crossings will be regularly cleared of sunken objects and litter to preclude blockage and artificial water level rises.

A set of works to prevent flooding of 158 station facilities and tank farms, seal subsurface premises and pump houses and to ensure melt water drainage is planned.

The Company has set to make an inventory of emergency oil and petroleum product spills localization and elimination equipment and water pump-out equipment, such as fire trucks and motor pumps.

By the end of March, the land users and entities performing work in pipelines’ protected zones will receive 820 warnings of enhanced responsibility during the flood season.

The set of above actions will ensure uninterrupted and emergency-free operation of Transneft Druzhba’s pipelines during the spring flood period.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service