Transneft Druzhba held drills at an UWC of the Kuibyshev – Bryansk petroleum product pipeline

Date of publication: 06 March 2018 Print

Kuibyshev Regional Directorate (RD) of Transneft Druzhba has performed a tabletop drill at an UWC of the Kuibyshev – Bryansk petroleum product trunk pipeline (PPTP) across the Tatianka River in Volzhsky District of Samara Region. The RD staff worked on the skills of eliminating an emergency oil spill in the linear portion of a PPTP and extinguishing a fire.

Under the drill scenario, an operator of Lopatino line operation dispatcher station (LODS) detected a pressure drop at the pipeline section which crosses the Tatianka river. The dispatcher of the regional dispatcher directorate conventionally stopped the pumping. A patrol crew which quickly arrived at the site to inspect it detected the location where the PPTP containment was lost and 40 m3 of petroleum product leaked into the soil and onto the water surface.

Upon arrival at the site, the emergency crews started placing booms to contain the spill and pumping petroleum product from the water surface into temporary tanks. Environmental monitoring was performed continuously.

Under the updated inputs, an increased petroleum product spill generated an explosive vapour concentration in the air and ignition occurred. A volunteer fire brigade combat crew began containing and extinguishing the “fire” and eliminated the simulated fire within the prescribed time which was followed by further spill containment.

The tabletop drills brought together 102 persons: employees of Kuibyshev RD central maintenance division, the line emergency operation division at Lopatino LODS, the station’s mobile security team, a volunteer fire brigade combat crew. The drills used 24 motor vehicles and special-purpose machinery units. All the objectives set during the drills were accomplished on schedule.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service