Transneft Druzhba to Save Over 9 Million kWh of Electricity in 2018

Date of publication: 31 January 2018 Print

As part of the Year of Energy Saving in 2018, Transneft Druzhba plans to save 9,422,000 kWh of electric power.

To reduce energy consumption, the Company consistently implements power saving technologies into the oil and petroleum product transportation system and the trunk oil pipeline infrastructure.

Power saving efforts helped the enterprise save RUB 112.9 million and RUB 38.6 million in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

For instance, in 2017 the technological pumping modes were improved at all trunk pipelines the Company is responsible for. In the same year the inner surfaces of Transneft Druzhba oil pipelines were cleaned of asphaltic resinous and paraffin deposits (ARPD). Line operation dispatcher stations (LODS) and pumping stations (NPS) were revamped with 1384  LED lamps both inside the buildings and outdoors.

52 automated temperature mode control systems were implemented at the production facilities of Kuybyshev and Michurinsk Regional Directorates of the Company; heat reflectors were installed behind batteries.

In Bryansk Regional Directorate heat generating plants of the production service shop (PSS) were overhauled;  the boiler house of Unecha line operation dispatcher station (LODS) were revamped; power transformers in Novozybkov oil pumping station (PS) were replaced.  Transformers were also replaced at Rostovka PS, Penza Regional Directorate.

11,850 LED lamps with motion sensors will be installed at Transheft Druzhba facilities in 2018 to make production facilities more energy efficient. 25 automated temperature mode control systems will be installed in the stations of Bryansk, Michurinsk, and Penza Regional Directorates. These efforts are expected to save RUB 21.7 million.

Furthermore, it is planned to conduct energy inspections of petroleum product trunk pipelines (PPTP) in the Year of Energy Saving. The energy audits will help to receive an energy certificate and determine the potential for power saving and energy efficiency enhancement.

Transneft Druzhba Press Service