Transneft Druzhba, JSC, performed repair works at an oil trunk pipeline

Date of publication: 22 January 2018 Print

Transneft Druzhba finished the scheduled repair works at Kuybyshev – Unecha - 2 oil trunk pipeline (OTP).  The works were conducted during 72 hours in Samara, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Tambov, Lipetsk, Orel and Bryansk Regions for the purpose of supporting high operational reliability of the pipeline.

In particular, the specialists performed medium repair of two gate valves at Kuznetsk oil pump station (PS), as well as gate valves at the linear portion of the OTP. A gate valve was replaced at Gubino PS and Krasnoselki PS.  Besides, stop valves were replaced at the standby leg of the OTP underwater crossing across the river Sura in Penza Region.

Industrial pipelines were connected at Nikolskoe-2 line operation dispatcher station (LODS) after replacement. A new main pump unit (MPU) was connected at Sosedka-2 PS. Four MPU at Klin, Rostovka-2, Stanovaya and Aksinino-2 PS were disconnected for further replacement.

Defects were eliminated at industrial pipelines of PS and the linear portion of Kuybyshev - Unecha-2 OTP.

The works were performed by efforts of Bryansk, Kuybyshev, Michurinsk, Penza Regional Directorates as part of the industrial programmes of technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul (TUR&OH) and repair and operational needs (RON) of Transneft Druzhba for 2018. Transportation of oil was resumed according to the schedule under normal conditions.