Transneft Druzhba JSC has commissioned a new tank at loading depot Bryansk

Date of publication: 18 December 2017 Print

Transneft Druzhba JSC has commissioned a new 10,000 m3 tank at loading depot (LD) Bryansk.

Construction of the vertical steel tank (VST) No. 8 was commenced in February 2017, as part of the large-scale LD overhaul to last till 2022.

At present, construction of another 10,000 m3 tank (VST No. 16) is under way at the loading depot. The facility is due to be commissioned in autumn 2018. Scheduled for 2019 is the construction of a new 1,000 m3 tank.

The upgrading of the tank fleet (TF) at LD Bryansk is caused by the reduction of petroleum product loading volumes to be transported in rail tank cars and growing volumes of petroleum products carried in tank trucks. As part of the upgrading, all 19 old tanks with the capacity of 5,000 m3 will be dismantled, two new 10,000 m3 tanks will be built, and five 1,000 m3 VSTs will be overhauled.

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LD Bryansk is a terminal point of the petroleum products trunk pipeline Kuybyshev – Bryansk. In the course of the facility overhaul, the automatic loading system will be upgraded in addition to the rank fleet renewal. The system will expeditiously meter the flow of petroleum products in the PPTP and tank fleet, also carrying out the fiscal metering of fuel delivered to consumers.