Transneft-Druzhba, JSC continues work to increase capacity of the Ufa-West Direction Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline

Date of publication: 19 May 2017 Print

Transneft-Druzhba, JSC continues to implement measures to increase the throughput capacity if the Ufa-West Direction Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline (PPTP) on the Priboi-Nikolskoye section.

The starting point of the technological section of the Ufa-West Direction PPTP is the Priboi Line Operation Dispatcher Station (LODS) in the Samara Region, and the final one is the Nikolskoye LODS in the Tambov Region. Euro-5  standard diesel fuel is transported via this pipeline.

In December 2016, the throughput capacity of this technological section was brought to 8.5 million tons of oil products per year. The current stage of work envisages an increase in capacity to 10.9 million tons per year. The resulting additional volume of oil products to be pumped is planned to be redistributed between two directions - Primorsk and Novorossiysk, depending on the needs of the oil companies.

As part of the work, it is planned to increase the working pressure in the collectors of the Main Pump Units (MPU), based on the results of hydraulic tests. At the Nikulino, Penza and Sosedka Line Operation Dispatcher Stations (LODS), which are part of the responsibility of the Penza District Administration (PDA), as well as at the Zhuravlinskaya LODS located within the Kuybyshev District Administration (KDA), installations for the introduction of anti-turbulence additives will be connected. At each station, it is necessary to equip the sites with a hard surface for the placement of installations, storage areas for the additives, and to install electrical networks and heating systems.

Measures to increase the capacity of the Ufa-Western Direction PPTP are scheduled to be completed in February 2018. The works are carried out within the framework of Transneft-Druzhba, JSC's Technical Upgrading & Revamping Programme (TU&RP).