Transneft Druzhba, JSC ranked third according to the results of the Construction Quality Year

Date of publication: 30 March 2017 Print

According to the results of assessment of the activities of the entities of Transneft system in the sphere of construction quality in 2016, Transneft Druzhba is among three companies with the best indicators.

The assessment consisted of two stages. At the first stage the results of each company were calculated based on the approved construction quality certificates taking into account the amount of financing provided by the development programme and overhaul programme of the entities of Transneft system for 2016. Besides, the assessment took into account decrease in the number of adjustments to the project statement, decrease in the number of adjustments to detailed design documents, negative expert reports, cases of untimely elimination of defects and fulfilment of instructions by contractors and other indicators. The second stage consisted in expert analysis of five entities of Transneft system with the best indicators using the following criteria: scope и complexity of programmes being implemented, absence of defects related to quality of commissioned facilities, ability to independently make decisions, performance discipline.

To the extent of implementation of the Construction Quality Management System (CQMS) in 2016 Transneft Druzhba developed and tested the matrix of responsibility of business units. It allowed to determine the level of participation and responsibility of each employee at preparation of facilities for construction, technical upgrading and revamping and at implementation thereof. As a result, the level of quality of design and survey work increased. The indicator of adjustments to the project statement decreased almost 10 times, the indicator of adjustments to detailed design documents during construction decreased by 50%. The quality of work performed by contracting organizations at the facilities improved: the number of defects revealed and instructions issued by construction control decreased 3 times.

At the ceremony to sum up the results of the Construction Quality Year, which took place in Moscow on 23 March 2017, Aleksey Sapsay, Vice President of Transneft, awarded diplomas and badges of honour to the winners. Dmitry Buzlaev, Chief Engineer of Transneft Druzhba, remarked that the award for the best indicators in the sphere of construction quality is recognition of merits of all members of the staff. In 2016, to the extent of the process of integration of the branches earlier belonging to Transnefteproduct Samara, the number of projects being implemented by Transneft Druzhba increased from 89 to 289. In 2016 the company commissioned more than 300 km of the linear portion of oil and petroleum products pipelines and revamped 101 facilities at 15 stations.