Transneft Druzhba preparing production facilities for spring flood

Date of publication: 07 March 2017 Print

Transneft Druzhba is preparing the production facilities for the operation in the spring flood season. The work is carried out in all eleven regions where the company operates.

 Sections of oil and petroleum products pipelines, communications installations, and towers of route power lines vulnerable to floodwater erosion, are inspected and additionally stabilized within the preparatory measures. Melt water removal is organized.

The preparatory work includes seasonal technical maintenance of shutoff valves in the linear portion of pipelines (over 1.4 thousand units, 306 of which are at the submerged crossings), as well as over 4 thousand shutoff valves on the process pipelines of oil pumping stations (PS), line operation dispatcher stations (LODS), pipeline metering stations (PMS), and tank farms. It is planned to inspect vent wells and inspection pits at the motor and railroad crossings. Checking of the functioning of the oil leakage detection systems is also provided for.

 The enterprise is planning to monitor the technical state of submerged and overhead crossings located in the possible underflooding area continuously. To prevent blockage and artificial water level rise, it is planned to free them from waste and sunken logs regularly. Over 120 telemetry systems will be checked at the submerged crossings of trunk oil pipelines. Range beacons are inspected, repaired, and additionally installed at the submerged crossings through navigable rivers. Besides, additional signs warning about possible pipeline damage are installed at the machinery passage locations.

 One hundred and eighty-four tanks with the total capacity of over 2.6 mln cubic meters will be prepared for stable operation in the flood season.

Furthermore, the dewatering and skimming equipment are being checked for functioning. Forty-one response team will be formed for the flood season to control the technical state of power transmission lines and power supply plants.

 Population, land users, and organizations operating in the safeguard zones of the trunk oil pipelines are being informed; it is planned to issue over 700 notices on enhanced responsibility in the flood season.